The United States is spending just under 20% of total gross domestic product on healthcare. That’s the number you read. But it is not the real number.

Does that number include paying pharmaceutical salesmen big salaries to push doctors to prescribe their drugs? Does it include the money spent on advertising, especially on television, for new drugs marketed to the public, hoping people will then ask their doctors to prescribe them? What about the money tied to the opioid crisis? A healthcare system that is allowed to promote a drug that is known to be addictive and that destroys people’s lives has a massive economic impact. Is that included? I doubt it. To be honest, I know it is not included. 

What about the economic loss caused by people dying because they do not have access to adequate care? I can guarantee you that is not included. 

What about the economic loss caused by bankruptcies, more than one family per minute in the United States, and zero in every other industrialized country?

What about the economic loss due to high insurance premiums that increase business costs and lead to more imports and fewer exports? That’s a big number, and I can promise you it is not included.

The point is, healthcare is a massive piece of the American economy, more than twice what it is in other industrialized countries, and it is driven by inefficiency, greed, corruption, and multi million dollar salaries.

From an economic standpoint, a healthcare plan that eliminates the inefficiency, waste, fraud, and multi-million dollar CEO salaries will lead to a huge increase in economic efficiency, which is virtually certain to add at least one to two percentage points to economic growth.

Aside from the fact that the United States has put itself at the bottom of every health index, aside from the fact that someone is dying every 12 minutes because they do not have access to adequate care, aside from the fact that every minute another family is going bankrupt because of medical bills even though many have corporate health insurance policies, aside from the fact that most Americans would like to be healthier, aside from the fact that people in other industrialized countries live at least three years longer than Americans, and aside from the fact that more and more doctors are complaining that the profit side of insurance companies is preventing them from delivering the best care, the fact is, we are wasting a massive amount of money and destroying a massive quantity of wealth by leaving healthcare in the hands of corporate insurance companies and monopoly pharmaceutical companies that are not regulated to limit the damage they do to the economy in their own self interest.

We do not believe a person, especially in America, should have his or her health and  life expectancy decided by companies that care more about profits, stock prices, and multi-million dollar salaries than their clients wellbeing.

Which is why we believe it is time for a change, time for something better, time for a healthcare plan that puts the American people and American business first, instead of using them as fodder in a system that is rigged against them.

Our National Health Insurance plan is simple: 

Create a new government health insurance agency that eliminates corruption, fraud, waste, and multi-million dollar CEO salaries and uses the savings to offer better coverage and lower premiums to everyone, and to also cover the currently uninsured.

And to eliminate the need to spend billions of dollars to move people from the corporate health insurance industry to more productive jobs, we are recommending the plan be implemented by first making it available only to those who are sixty-four years old, and to then reduce the age of eligibility one year at a time.

It was not written by and is not intended to benefit mainly special interests. It is an economic solution to America's healthcare problem that will give America the best health care in the world, and it will not add to government spending or taxes.

Our National Health Insurance booklet answers all the questions.

How you can help

If you would like our National Health Insurance plan to be introduced in Congress, I need you to write down my name very carefully, so when you go to vote you can write it on the ballot exactly as it is. If you get one letter wrong, they will throw it out.

I also need you tell everyone you know to look at this site and to tell them that if they agree with our healthcare plan and my solutions to other problems to write my name down so they too can write it on a ballot for the May 12, 2020 special election.

Thank you,

Dennis Paulaha